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SMS.ac CEO Predicts Mobile Data Market Will Exceed $200 Billion by 2010

Projection Made During Special Wireless Wonk Segment at CTIA Wireless 2005

NEW ORLEANS, March 15, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- SMS.ac: The world's leader in mobile data communications is predicting that revenues from mobile data will reach $200 billion by 2010. This announcement came as SMS.ac's chief executive officer, Michael Pousti, addressed leaders from the mobile industry in New Orleans, on the opening day of CTIA Wireless 2005 (www.ctiawireless.com).

This announcement and other breaking wireless news can be seen today by viewing a special segment of the Wireless Wonk, a weekly webcast that has become the insider's guide to the latest industry developments. Today's Wireless Wonk webcast features an interview with SMS.ac EVP, Greg Wilfahrt. To watch the Wireless Wonk webcast, go to www.wirelesswonk.net

SMS.ac's Pousti based the 2010 projection on the accelerating global consumption of mobile data, partially as a byproduct of pent-up consumer demand for mobile data that he says is just now beginning to be satisfied by a myriad of new entries into the market. Pousti reiterated that mobile operators are the key to fueling industry growth and that integrated billing with third parties must happen for his projection to become a reality.

"Out of necessity, mobile operators are looking to increase the percentage of revenues they derive from mobile data," said Pousti. "With that objective in mind, the operators are recognizing that opening their billing systems to third parties can be a fast-track to boosting their mobile data profits.

"Using SMS.ac as an example, when operators open their billing systems to us, they are instantly leveraging the world's largest mobile community," Pousti added. "The lesson here is that partnering with third parties can mean significant and incremental mobile data revenue toward their bottom line. As operators allow integrated billing to occur on a larger scale, the industry will grow and exceed $200 billion by 2010."

Andrew Roscoe is an industry analyst and partner with ForceNine Consulting (www.forcenine.net). Roscoe is also know in mobile circles as "The Wireless Wonk," and he says that he agrees with Pousti's assertion that mobile operators are the key to growing the mobile data space.

"The (mobile data) growth we've seen thus far in the U.S. alone within the last three years has been staggering," said Roscoe. "As more applications become available on mobile handsets, as data consumption continues to rise and as mobile operators become the preferred micro-billers on a global scale, revenues could indeed exceed previous expectations. SMS.ac's global footprint and their billing relationships with operators make today's revenue prediction worth watching."

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About SMS.ac

SMS.ac, Inc. is a mobile data communications company whose proprietary MMSbox(TM) platform enables the interoperable exchange of mobile multimedia (MMS and SMS) and micro-transaction billing across all mobile standards, protocols and the Internet. A demonstration of the MMSbox platform is available at www.sms.ac

With more than 30 million registered members in 170+ countries, and connectivity to more than 400 mobile operators worldwide, SMS.ac is host to the largest community of mobile phone users in the world. Through its global initiatives, SMS.ac is igniting the widespread adoption and use of wireless data. To view the SMS.ac corporate web site, visit http://corporate.sms.ac/.

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